Matter of Black is a fusion of urban, avant-garde & minimalist styles, focused on all shades of black & combining layering & texture with structure & form.

 Matter of Black is not just a brand; it’s a concept. It’s our aesthetic perception of a world that has close connections to art and music.

 Black is always the base of our design aesthetic. It symbolizes the avant-garde, darkness, an absence of light. Black is one of the most expressive, mysterious & meaningful colours that can convey a variety of moods & emotions. It has a timeless elegance, an inconspicuous presence against an ever changing backdrop of life. Matter of Black aims to develop functional, comfortable and essential ready to wear garments, articles that withstand the test of time, embedded with style.

All garments are made with meticulous attention to detail. This process is conducted with patience, care & with a purpose.

Each collection is built on the basis of experimental progression, allowing for ideas, fabric, design & construction technics to evolve and grow.

Matter of Black relate to the hidden, the secretive & the unknown. Shadowed by mystery, inconspicuous to the world.